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Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal works for the promotion and propagation of Indian Classical Music and Dances with its main Sangeet Vidyalaya in Vashi, Navi Mumbai, and has nearly 1200 affiliated institutions and nearly 800 Exam Centres all over the country. Lay School of Performing Arts is one of the affiliated institutes under this Mandal. Every year from Prarambhik (beginners)  to Visharad Purna (equivalent to B.A.). A student passing under this Mandal is getting additional marks in their SSC examination conducted by the State board of education of Maharashtra. Students can appear for the exam only once a year and our examination session is November/December. 

Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research (EBVTR) an autonomous education society registered to underact. 21, 1860 F-65931
Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research is a leading global talent development organization of India spanning our country. It takes up resource activities for computer education skill program training, vocational education training and training and education field, electronics, and information technology. Our institute affiliated to (EBVTR) to provide a Certificate, Higher Certificate, diploma, and advance diploma in Classical, Folk, Modern dance, Folk music. Students can appear for the exam in November/December.

arrow_rightSymbolizes The Rhythmic Vibration of Creation (Om)
arrow_rightCoils Three Times Around His Neck Representing The Past, Present & Future Also SHAKTI Power
arrow_rightArms & Legs Honor The Duality Revealing & Concealing
arrow_right“Apasmara”(also called Tridura Muyalaka)Symbolic of Overcoming The Darkness of Ignorance


King of the Cosmic Dance King of the Cosmic Dance Shiva as Nataraja performs his Natana which includes the lasya (creation dance)& the Tandava (destruction dance)

arrow_leftFlames of Fire-Symbolizing Destruction
arrow_leftTorana-Arch of Flames is The Manifest Universe & The Cycle of Birth & Rebirth
arrow_leftCrescent Moon-The Time Cycle Through Which Creation Unfolds
arrow_leftThe Ganga Flows-Through His Hair Removing Ignorance
arrow_leftLotus Pedestal-For The Rebirth

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Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Indian Folk Dances, Contemporary, Freestyle, Western Style


Drama, Stage Acting, Film/Camera Acting, Mono Acting


Indian Classical Singing, Light Vocal Music, All Indian Style of Musical Instruments

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