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Lay School of Performing Arts is committed and exemplary standard in training gained from the Part-Time courses of Dance and Music offered for more than 5 years and from the Full-Time Diploma and Post-Diploma courses affiliated to the Educational Board of Vocational Training & Research  

Dr. Bharat Jethwani upholding the cultural cause, with the able guidance of Director, with the academic and professional expertise with the talents and hard work of the faculty and the administrative staff as well as the feats of the students, the institute renders laudable service. To being these prestigious art forms of the rich and the elite, to the access of the less- privileged and the backward communities; To utilize the communicative potential of Dance and Music to convey human and social development values to elevate the attitudes of the people through research-oriented performances.  We are offering a Distance education course in Classical, Folk, Western dance, western music & Folk music.

 ‘Arangetram’ is a specialty made part of the curriculum for our Bharatanatyam students. Every student is given the opportunity to perform ‘Arangetram’ which is the qualifying stage performance of a student completing her/his Visharad/diploma course, in which they prove their talents in what they have learned in their courses.

      “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”