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  • To Promote Indian art through the arrangement of various National, International cultural programs.
  • Arranging various camps, workshops for various people, and areas.
  • Honoring eminent personalities for their contribution to spread & promote their art.
  • Youth camps and social awareness programs.
  • Publishing Magazines or books

Saptarang Sevabhavi Sanstha Nanded



Date  Work / Project
1.  27/02/2014  Directorate of Marathi Lang Govt. Maharashtra department of  Literature and Cultural affairs, nanded District Information office and  Zilla Parishad nanded with collaboration of Saptarang Sevabhavi Sanstha  organized cultural program titled ‘Sugandha Sanskriticha’
2.  29/04/2014  Organised cultural program on International dance day
3.  04/06/2014  Organised free workshop of Dance, Painting, Drawing, Craft for school  children & presented all the work through cultural program titled  Dancing Mania 2014
4.  20/10/2014  25 artists participated in international Dance, Music, Drama festival at  Karnal, Haryana


To Arrange For Educational Assistance For Needy & Poor Students


To Promote Indian Art Through The Arrangement of Various National, International Cultural Programs


To Arrange For A Health Checkups & Medication Camps For Needy & Poor Students


To Arrange For Afforestation & Environmental Awareness Activities

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